Frequently Asked Questions

We have a multipurpose Health and Wellness space consisting of:

  • A state of the art Pilates studio, containing 4 Allegro II reformers and accessories. This space is suitable for mat and reformer classes
  • A multipurpose rehabilitation space for a small group, or individual pilates or physiotherapy rehabilitation sessions.
  • A private treatment room for individual physiotherapy or massage sessions.
  • A comfortable welcome area, with free filtered water and coffee available to you. Please bring a reusable bottle so you can help yourself.
  • Toilet and changing facilities.

We ask you to arrive in comfortable clothing that is suitable for exercise.

Please bring a reusable bottle so you can help yourself to free filtered water, and/or coffee.

If you have any medical reports, scans or prescriptions that are relevant to your health, please bring these with you.

If you require any medication (e.g. inhalers for asthma) please bring these to your sessions.

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates.

It is a unique system of exercises based on the matt or using special apparatus. Designed to rebalance the body, bringing it, into its correct neutral alignment whilst targeting the deep postural muscles (Transverse abdominals, muscles of the pelvis and diaphragm).

In essence Pilates challenges the core muscles and builds strength from the inside out, helping a person to reshape their body, adding to a leaner and more toned figure. It boasts of a perfect balance between strength and flexibility, whilst relieving unwanted stress and tension.

We ask you to arrive in comfortable clothing that is suitable for exercise.

For Pilates classes please bring gripper socks if possible, and we recommend you avoid any clothing with zippers (which can be uncomfortable for you, and damaging to our equipment).

For physiotherapy sessions please bring shorts for assessment of any lower limb injuries, and please be aware you will be asked to remove your top for spinal and upper limb assessments.

We ask all clients to attend a Bodi Introduction session, as a prerequisite, before commencing with group classes. This private session is designed to discuss your goals, assess your movement patterns, identify any altered postural habits or imbalances, and introduce you to Pilates using the Bodi approach.

If you decide not to attend this session, we will ask you to sign a disclaimer agreement.  

Yes, all Bodi Studios instructors are experienced Physiotherapists trained in delivering pre and post-natal Pilates classes. They will guide you safely through all exercises, which are suitable during the different stages of your pregnancy.

It is important that you let your instructor know that you are pregnant so we can make any necessary adaptations to your exercises. If you attend Bodi Studios group classes Some of the higher level group classes may not be suitable during the later stages of pregnancy. Your therapist can make recommendations about a more specific approach when this is needed.

We ask that you discuss with your doctor before undertaking any new exercise during pregnancy.

Yes absolutely. All Bodi Studios instructors are experienced Physiotherapists and movement experts.

It may be necessary to modify your Pilates practice, attend individual pilates 1:1 session, or incorporate physiotherapy into your programme whilst injured.

Please ensure that you make us aware of any new injuries before attending a pilates session. This enables us to assess you, and guide you, to ensure that you progress as quickly as possible.

We ask all clients to attend a Bodi Introduction session, as a prerequisite, before commencing group classes. This ensures you understand the basics principles of Pilates, and also allows you to become familiar with our Bodi instruction, and equipment. During this session you can discuss the different options with our instructors who will direct you to the most appropriate classes or sessions.

We offer Pilates Mat classes for between 4-8 people.

We offer Pilates Reformer classes with a maximum of 4 people.

We are located at: 22 Boulevard de la République, 06240, Beausoleil

You will find us on the Boulevard de la République, the gateway to Monaco from Beausoleil. We are situated at the top of the new Beausoleil escalator on the right hand side, next door to République Immobilier and directly opposite La Poste.

For further information please refer to the Contact us page on our website.